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012  A Test

There was an event today of which we Evangelical Protestant Christians need to take note. A thousand Evangelical leaders joined Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York to hear a campaign presentation hosted specifically for them.

In response, an attorney named Michael Farris published an editorial in the Christian Post about the rally. You can read it at

I first heard of Farris in the 1980s when I was home-schooling my older kids; he was one of the founders of the Home School Legal Defense Association, of which I was a member. 

Farris was also present at the first meeting of Moral Majority back in 1980, which was an early attempt to make Christians aware of how politics affects them in America. The agreement of that group was that they would lend their support to candidates of good moral character who evidenced a biblically sound world view.

Donald Trump, by contrast to that vision, is a man whose god is his ego and whose character is unstable. He brags about how he controls politicians by his money, about his sexual conquests, about his wealth, and about his power. He represents one form of the disease of worldliness. (Other candidates represent other forms of worldliness, but that's a different topic.)

Noting the contrast, and noting that the rally excluded Evangelical leaders who had been critical of Trump, Farris today declared the death of the Christian Right. Sadly, he is right. We can no longer maintain that we represent a force for godliness in American politics.

God has sent America some tests over the years. Back in the 1990s, He gave us a completely immoral President to see how much wickedness we would tolerate. Bill Clinton was the Poster Child for the impeachment process described in the US Constitution, but America did not remove him. Not even rape was a serious enough crime for which to throw him out. God noticed, and gave us over to the corruption that we chose.

This time, God has raised up Donald Trump to see who in His Church was telling the truth about their commitment to righteousness. It turns out that a lot of Christians who claimed to love righteousness lacked the stamina to defend it in a declining culture, and chose instead to back an unrighteous man in order to win a political contest. Some of them were people that I admired. It has been painful to watch them pollute themselves.

In public, legal terms, those 1,000 Evangelical leaders may support any candidate they choose. That is their right, and I defend that right. 

But in terms of eternal virtue, they have sold their convictions for some vain attempt at political influence. I do not know how that will affect their eternal souls, but I do not want to find out first-hand. I do know that those who continue to insist that character matters, who stand firm for righteousness in the teeth of a deluge of hedonism and a blistering Progressive Hate Fest, will have earned a "well done" from the Almighty.

Read Ephesians 6:10-18 to remind yourselves of Paul's encouragement to stand firm for the truth, and I'll see you again in a couple of weeks. May God protect you all.

Phil Weingart


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