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008  On Persistence

Back in 2014, I started sending out a bi-weekly newsletter that I called RfMemo. I sent seven letters at two-week intervals. Then I stopped. Now I'm starting again.

To explain why I stopped and why I'm starting again, let me tell you a story about a fascinating little church that was started by a couple of acquaintances of mine.

This middle-aged married couple was sent in the mid-1990s as missionaries from a church in Florida to Philadelphia, where the two of them had grown up. They bought a house in the suburbs, they obtained jobs, they started handing out fliers indicating that they were starting a church, they told everybody about it that they met, and then they started holding Sunday services... in their garage.

The first week, nobody showed up. The couple held church with their three sons, all by themselves. They really hadn't expected anybody to show up the first week, so that was alright with them.

It was alright with them the second week, too. And the third. And the fourth.

I don't know when it started to be "not alright," but I do know that they held church faithfully in their garage without any attendees but themselves for two full years before they got any visitors. Two. Full. Years.

After that, they had a small church filled with very odd people--whom they loved diligently until God changed their lives for the better.

You see, persistence in doing good was in their nature. It's what they knew how to do. God honored that. That's what He does, too. And it's what we all should do.

But it's not what I did. I looked at my tiny mailing list and said, "Why am I sending out a newsletter to my friends? Who is that helping?" And I got discouraged, and stopped. It took only 14 weeks to discourage me. Sheesh.

A few days ago, the Holy Spirit reminded me of this, and told me it was time to bring RfMemo back from the dead. I'm obeying. So, here we are. Sorry for the lapse. It won't happen again unless I hear God command it. Losing heart and giving up are in my nature--the old one, the one from which God is rescuing me. Persistence is the opposite of this, and it's godly. I'm working on it.

Nice to see you all again. Live peacefully in the presence of God, and I'll be back with you in two weeks. 

Phil Weingart


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