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Rf Memo, 3/11/2014
001 God Likes You

I slid as unobtrusively as possible into the restaurant meeting room and stood against the wall. The program for the evening was still ongoing, some ornithologist talking about bird-watching. But I did not escape notice; a woman, apparently the proctor of the gathering, approached me and asked, “Are you in the right place? This is the ____ club meeting.”

“I'm just here to pick up my father,” I explained quietly, hoping not to draw attention.

“Who's your father?” she queried.

I nodded in his direction. “Ed, over there.”

Her eyes grew wide. Then she told me her name, and I recognized her. An old friend from high school, whom I had briefly seen perhaps 2 years before, and 40 years before that. We had not recognized each other because the setting was unfamiliar.

And then, unexpectedly and spontaneously, she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a huge hug.

Now, that's a greeting. There's nothing quite so affirming as knowing that somebody is genuinely, enthusiastically glad to see you.

As a Christian, you are told repeatedly how much God loves you—told so often that you can sing-song it when it's quoted: “For God so loved the world...” But few of us are ever told the more important truth: God likes you.

Likes you, like my old friend likes me. Really likes you. Likes you so much that He's thrilled to hear from you when you pray. Likes you so much that if He had a seat and a body like ours, He'd have been squirming in His seat waiting for you to show up. Likes you so much that He'd give a little leap when you appeared in His view.

You're not just loved in heaven. You're wanted, a lot more than you want to be there, in fact. God enjoys your company. He's saving a seat for you, right next to Him.

How do I know that? I'll tell you the next time I write, in 2 weeks. You'll have to wait for it.

But ponder this in the meantime: you know that bromide you've heard a few times about how God's love (agapeo in Greek) is not romantic love like in the movies, but it's a conscious choice? Consider this: God invented romance, and He's no stranger to it. So, what if God doesn't just love you by choice, and doesn't just like you? What if He adores you?

See you in a few weeks.

Phil Weingart

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