If you invite Phil to speak to your group, what you’ll be getting is a positive, sensible, well-educated take from a mildly neo-Pentecostal point of view and an unusually strong grasp of Judaism and the Old Testament. He’ll emphasize the role of the Holy Spirit in liberating us from sin and empowering us to minister with the same power Christ displayed. You’ll also hear a lot about how much God enjoys your company, how eager He is to do good to you, and what He does to change you. Phil’s theology is orthodox but eclectic and is more practical than systematic. He’s also well-versed in modern apologetic topics, including the union of science and faith, the Christian origins of Western civilization, and the role of the Church in the development of the sciences.

You can check out the Sermons page to get a sample of topics on which Phil has spoken in the past. Also, here are few suggestions for your gathering:

Freedom from legalism

Embracing the dealings of God

The Jewish roots of Christianity

Christianity and Science

How to study the Bible

The reality of the Resurrection

God is greater than you think He is

If you want to arrange to have Phil speak to your church or retreat, visit the Contact page and give him a call or an email. You’ll have to pay for his transportation and board if you’re not within easy driving distance of southeast Massachusetts; any remuneration beyond that is according to what you have and what you are comfortable giving. Phil trusts you not to take advantage — or rather, He trusts God to provide for him even if you do take advantage. The Body of Christ is not a business, it’s a family.

(Note: Phil is not a 501(c)(3) or (c)(4) non-profit corporation, he’s a private citizen. Donations are not tax-deductible. But he can say anything he likes and the government can’t gripe.)

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