Good Works and Iced Tea

Marstons Mills Community Church, 2010. Discusses how to stop working so hard, and instead let God do His works through us. Text: Ephesians 2:1-11.

Firstborn of Many Brethren

Marstons Mills Community Church, 2010. Jesus was not supposed to be unique; he was the prototype of what each of us is supposed to become, and did all His works using tools that are available to us all in the Holy Spirit. Text: Romans 8:29.

Free From the Law

Marstons Mills Community Church, 2010. Explains how the Law of Moses is still useful to us who are free from it in Christ. Text: Romans 7:6-25.

The Eternal Yes

Marstons Mills Community Church, 2010. Discusses what’s so good about the good news. Believers already have their toes in heaven, and are beginning to experience it from the day they commit themselves to Christ. Text: Luke 4:16-21.

Jesus’ Bible

Vineyard Community Church of Hyannis, February 2012. Subtitled “The Old Testament is Your Friend,” this discusses how to use the Old Testament in a New Testament age, and straightens out a few misconceptions about the Old Testament. Text: I Chronicles 1-11, the genealogies (no, we don’t read them.)

Take Care How You Listen

Vineyard Community Church of Hyannis, May 2012. Based on the Parable of the Sower, explains how God uses hardship to enable us to hear His word to us. Text: Luke 8:4-18

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Vineyard Community Church, Kingston, MA, August 2012. Part of a series on the Beatitudes, explains the religious background behind Jesus’ use of beatitudes, and the historical context in which Jesus declared that it was the meek who would inherit the Messianic kingdom. Text: Matthew 5:5.

On the Holy Spirit, Part 1: Trust the Anointing

First Baptist Church of Pocasset, November 2012. On shedding the pressure of the Evangelical Bible culture, and letting the Apostles and the Holy Spirit speak for themselves. Text: Various. The title is from I John 2:20, 26-27.

On the Holy Spirit, Part 2: Walk in the Spirit

First Baptist Church of Pocasset, November 2012. On how the Holy Spirit was given to enable us to live free from sin. Text: Romans 8:4-17.

On the Holy Spirit, Part 3: Baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire

First Baptist Church of Pocasset, November 2012. On embracing and learning from the hardships of ordinary life, which God uses to make us holy. Text: Luke 3:16-17.

Becoming Sons of the Most High (subtitle: Why I Tithe)

Vineyard Community Church, Hyannis, MA, August 2011. Concerning how we show our devotion to God. Text: Gen 14:13-15:6.

Who Can Stand When He Comes?

Vineyard Community Church, Kingston, MA, December 2012. God’s mercy outweighs His justice most of the time, and you don’t want to be around when He decides that justice must be served; but that may be where we are today, in America. Text: Malachi 2:17-3:7a.

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