Apologetics–Making Sense of Christianity

This is all about those nagging questions that your atheist friends ask, or that maybe you’re asking and not getting good answers.

Some people say that if Christianity were true, it would be simple. That’s a little silly; why would that be so? In a way, Christianity is simple; even a profoundly retarded person can love, which is the central act in serving God. But in other ways, it is not simple at all, partly because we humans are so twisted, and partly because God is greater than anyone could possibly imagine.

So don’t be surprised if some of what you encounter in the Kingdom of the Christ doesn’t seem to make sense. If an ant tries to understand a printing press, some of it is not going to make sense to him, either. That’s what you should expect. You are not infinitely brilliant, are you? Neither am I. We’ll do the best we can.

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