God seems so distant…

Two things you need to know about God’s distance from you:

  1. It’s an illusion. He’s nearer to you than your own breath, all the time. You just don’t always feel that.
  2. If it seems like He is distant, that’s not because He went somewhere, but because you did. God doesn’t block us out. We block Him out.

We know these things because we know the nature of God.

God is omnipresent. That means that no matter where you go, He is there. You can’t get away from Him.

God is also love. I suppose I could have said that God is “loving,” but that’s not as accurate. It’s an identity. God is the origin point of all love. And He’s unremitting about it. He pursues us. He loves to be with us. He loves to talk to us.

So if God is everywhere, and He’s always pursuing us, but we feel like we’re alone, guess what? It isn’t God that’s making you feel alone. It’s you. That’s where the logic leads.

There is no instant fix for this. Human beings have been blocking God out for all of human history. We’re good at it.

A lot of what we are about as Christians is learning how not to block Him out. We accomplish that by doing things that remind us of Him, like worshiping, reading about Him, learning about Him, praying to Him, and so forth. While some of that has a purpose for the moment (you want something so you’re asking for it, for example,) the object of most of that activity is to enable you to experience the closeness of God for yourself, and to develop a capacity for Him. If your faith is growing, you should be more aware of Him at more times than you used to be. You should be able to sit with Him longer without getting bored. You should be developing a rapport with Him, so that you go about your daily activities with Him more or less right beside you.

I don’t recall how long I’ve been doing it, but I have a sort of a running dialog with God. I don’t bow my head or anything when I pray. I just talk to Him. And I pay attention to things around me so I’ll notice when He’s saying something back to me.

Now, if you’re not Christian yet, you probably don’t have any such rapport with God; but you might. On the other hand, there are deceiving spirits around, and sometimes they call themselves “God” to dupe you. You do have to be careful. Comparing notes with other Christians is a good idea, here.

But once you’ve submitted yourself to God’s Son and He’s sent you the Holy Spirit, you have access to the Father at any time, for any reason. You should use it.

Here are some pointers about how God communicates. God is not profane or vulgar, nor is He chatty. When He speaks, He’s usually terse, and He has a reason to be speaking: He’s either cutting across your will or telling you something you really need to hear. If you know the Bible well, He’ll sometimes bring passages to mind that explain what is going on around you; that’s one of the reasons why you should be reading the Bible regularly. He’ll never tell you to do anything that is contrary to His character; he won’t tell you to hate somebody, nor to betray, nor to cheat on your spouse.

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