bridePhil Weingart is a Bible teacher and apologist from a Jewish background. A former Information Technology pro, Phil has been defending Christianity on the Internet since before “Internet” was a household word. He likes to say that he is self-educated, but in fact he has a degree in Rhetoric & Public Address with a minor in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA emphasizing information systems from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. Also, he would not know anything worth knowing without the help of the Holy Spirit, so “self-educated” is a bit misleading.

Next to him in the photo is his bride, Shelly, who keeps him sane. They’ve been married twelve years as of April 2019 and live in Wareham, MA, near the ocean and Shelly’s kids. Shelly is a companion to autistic adults, and writes and illustrates her own books. They have six kids between the two of them (four his, two hers,) but none of them are young enough to be hanging around the house even part-time.

HesGreatersidebarPhil is the author of two books. Most recently he published “The Rabbi on the Mount: How Jesus’ Judaism Clarifies the Sermon on the Mount.” In 2012 he published “He’s Greater Than You Know: Essays for a Doubting Christian.” You can purchase both of them here in trade paperback or Kindle format. He has also presented Frank Turek’s seminar, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist,” at a few churches near his home on Cape Cod.

The Body of Christ is a community, and nobody can be a Christian alone. Phil and Shelly are helping to plant the Bridgewater Vineyard Church in East Bridgewater, MA, and are fully accountable to the leadership there. Phil has taught from the pulpit and in Sunday School at a number of churches.

Phil is also a pretty good bass player and a modestly experienced sound engineer, and he doesn’t mind being asked to help out with either one.

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