Why I’m Here

Western civilization is coming unzipped.

Christianity built the West. It was Christ who gave us reason. It was Christ who gave us the sciences and the arts. It was Christ who gave us contract law and free markets. It was Christ who gave us universal literacy and individual rights.

And now we are in the fists of a demented ideology that appears to have been formulated in hell to unzip Western civilization and replace it with a Tyranny of the Self-Deluded. Those least worthy of leading think themselves so superior to the rest of us that they confer on themselves the right to tell us all how to live. They are unmaking civilization and replacing it with their delusions.

I devoted a few years to blogging in an attempt to address this through politics. It was satisfying for a while and good therapy, but politics does not hold the answer. At the root of all the good in our civilization, stands Christ. At the root of the deterioration, we have rejected Christ.

So, I have devoted myself to teaching Christian religion to those who want to learn it. My goal is to rebuild the foundation, so that when the edifice of the West crumbles into dust, as it is already well on its way to doing, there will be something of value on which to start rebuilding.

Welcome to the school of Christ, where the Truth will make you free.

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